Label Presenters

Automation Equipment

Earning a reputation as “the best auto-apply label converter” in the marketplace, Identco leads the industry by providing innovative automation solutions. We teamed up with Hover-Davis to offer the most flexible alternative for placing labels automatically with existing pick and place equipment.

Identco also helps customers optimize their investment in automation technologies by improving placement accuracy and speed of the label process. These skillfully engineered label feeders combined with the appropriate auto apply labels are designed to exceed your labeling requirements. The pre-printed label presenter places the label like any other SMT component, to help streamline your labeling process.

The Hover-Davis label feeder has a modular design consisting of two basic assemblies. First is the machine specific feeder element the Label Presenter (LP), which provides the mechanical and electrical interface to the host machine. The second element is the Label Specific Module (LMG) that is designed specifically to peel and present the label stock application.

Combining Identco’s industry expertise with a Hover-Davis custom component delivery system provides additional value to manufacturers seeking to perfect labeling operations and data delivery control through labeling.


  • Automatically places labels using existing pick-and-place equipment
  • On machine placement similar to any other feeder
  • Maximum label placement accuracy
  • Flexible solutions for circuit board applications
  • Saves time and money with low maintenance costs
  • Optimal performance when used with Identco REEL-e™ label spools and quick release liners