Our electronics identification solutions offer extreme durability, solvent and chemical resistance, and anti-static properties for applications that range from PC Board assembly to industrial automation.

PC Boards & Electronic Components

Our Printed Circuit Board and Electronic Component labels are designed to withstand the high heat and high performance cleaning solutions.

  • 100% traceability of PC Boards during manufacturing and after processing in the field
  • Designed to survive harsh wash processes
  • Auto-apply labels remove human error
  • Anti-static properties


Network Access & Storage

We offer a range of labeling solutions for internal and external hard drives, storage servers, cable modems, wireless receivers that help your network run efficiently.

  • Tamper evident labels protect against fraud
  • Serialized barcode labels for asset tracking
  • Graphic overlays identify network connection points


Industrial Automation

From handheld controllers and scanners to robotics and sensors, our labels maximize the efficiency and performance of your automation equipment.

  • Overlays to properly show equipment operating status
  • Wiring diagrams for proper controller operations and installation
  • Warning labels (e.g. laser radiation risks, do not look directly into laser)
  • Branding labels for automation sensors & components
  • High performance identification sensing labels


Telecom & Communications Equipment

We keep offices and corporations connected with labeling solutions for phones, base stations, satellites, routers, and military communications systems.

  • Serialized labels for asset tracking
  • Overlays for proper wire/cable installation into the unit
  • Ultra-durable labels that must survive military component MFG specifications


Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics spans an ever-expanding group of products, including phones, laptops, TVs, GPS devices, tablets and personal care products. We adapt to the changing needs of the industry with custom solutions that meet challenging design, performance and compliance needs.

  • Low profile labels for small spaces
  • Labels that survive the harsh manufacturing process of the electronics products
  • Masking labels
  • Serialized barcode labels for warranty repair
  • Tamper evident labels to prevent fraudulent claims or reproduction