IDENTCO is the leader in track and trace labeling for printed circuit boards and electronic components. IDENTCO label materials and thermal transfer ribbons are fully tested to withstand the extremes of heat and cleaning chemistries found in the board assembly process. IDENTCO offers a full range of blank polyimide and polyester labels, printers, and ribbons for manual application. Automate your SMT labeling with IDENTCO’s PPL Series of miniature polyimide labels and ILP Series SMT label feeder for use in popular pick and place machines.

PC Boards & Electronic Components

Our Printed Circuit Board and Electronic Component labels are designed to withstand the high heat and high performance cleaning solutions.

  • 100% traceability of PC Boards during manufacturing and after processing in the field
  • Designed to survive harsh wash processes
  • Auto-apply labels remove human error
  • Anti-static properties


Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics spans an ever-expanding group of products, including phones, laptops, TVs, GPS devices, tablets and personal care products. We adapt to the changing needs of the industry with custom solutions that meet challenging design, performance and compliance needs.

  • Low profile labels for small spaces
  • Labels that survive the harsh manufacturing process of the electronics products
  • Masking labels
  • Serialized barcode labels for warranty repair
  • Tamper evident labels to prevent fraudulent claims or reproduction


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