In the transportation segment, labels have to cope with a range of challenges – harsh chemical environments, challenging substrates and the extreme environmental conditions which arise during vehicle use.  Our global label and ribbon solutions portfolio contains materials that perform under the most extreme conditions, meeting the needs of almost all applications and industry regulations.

Commercial Vehicles

We offer a wide selection of durable label and ribbon solutions designed to cope with an array of challenges across a range of applications.

  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including rough and low surface energy plastics
  • High temperature and chemical resistance
  • Compliant with REACH, RoHS, IMDS and specifications issued by automotive OEMs
  • Interior applications including labels for airbag systems; security and anti-counterfeit labels; and warning/instruction/tracking labels on electronic components and interior vehicle parts
  • Under-hood applications include warning/instruction labels on engine components; labels on fluid containers; and wire & cable identification
  • A global product portfolio was developed to meet the stringent specifications of automotive OEMs and tier suppliers


Heavy Equipment

Especially designed for extremely harsh environments, we offer heavy equipment OEM and Tier suppliers a wide selection of durable labels and ribbons for nearly all applications.

  • Proven durability in extreme temperatures
  • Harness identification for critical applications
  • Rating labels that survive outdoor applications (dozer load capacity, etc)
  • Metalized label look without the cost of actual metal
  • Fuse/Breaker Panel Overlays
  • Ultra durable Safety and Warning Labels
  • Graphic overlays for instrument clusters


Recreational Vehicles

Whether they’re found on snowmobiles operating in subzero temperatures or motorcycles crossing the country, our high performance identification solutions meet harsh environmental and compliance standards.


Rail & Mass Transit

Subway systems, passenger rail cars and busses use our labels to reliably identify the components and systems that keep them moving.

  • Wire identification systems withstand harsh environments, including high engine temperatures
  • Warning labels to stay clear of moving parts / pinch-points / high voltage
  • Switchgear terminal identification for proper track side signaling
  • Rail Car Track & Trace Labeling
  • Anti-graffiti labels that wipe clean



From saltwater-resistant safety labels to wire markers engineered to perform in harsh offshore environments, our marine solutions are rigorously tested to meet strict compliance and performance requirements.

  • Labels designed to survive salt water spray and submersion
  • Emissions control labeling for EPA compliance
  • Labels that survive high temperatures in engine compartments


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