We’re equipped to take on the challenges of custom applications, never-before-seen products, and new materials.  In fact, we welcome the challenge each new project presents, and believe the best customers are those who push us to explore uncharted territory.

Product Development

Our R&D team provides a platform of objective evaluation methods that replicate the potential challenges a label may face in performing its function throughout the life of the product it is labeling.

New Product Introduction

Whether it be early in the concept stage where creativity is the priority; the prototype stage when the solution is more in focus; or at product launch; our experts develop innovative solutions that withstand any number of extremes.

Rapid Prototyping

Moving at the speed of business means responding with custom solutions and fully-functioning prototypes. Our ability to quickly understand your goals and objectives supports you at each stage of your NPI process.


Creative engineering and a consultative approach yield big results

Our Challenge

A small stainless steel container of micro-fine powder is a key component of a large manufacturer’s power equipment. The label covers the top of the container and serves as a seal, in addition to identifying the product and application. In the past, they used a double-layer construction — silver label material under a color-coded ring. Issues with the lid failing to adhere to the lip of the container led them to the additional step of shrink wrapping to ensure a tight seal. Meanwhile, powder was collecting on the adhesive that was exposed to the inside of the cup.

Our Solution

First, we recommended printing the label as an alternative to the double-layer construction. The colors are used for inventory control, and the original construction limited the customer’s options to the colors they had on hand. IDENTCO’s in-house testing lab evaluated several material and adhesive combinations to find the best solution for improved adhesion, resulting in a twofold increase in peel value. Then, to solve the issue of the powder adhering to the underside of the label, our Application Engineer devised a zoned adhesive pattern, deadening the adhesive in the open areas of the label that don’t touch the surface of the container. All in all, IDENTCO’s creative thinking saved the manufacturer more than 50% in material costs even as they increased the color combinations from 20 to 44. In addition, by printing the labels, the customer was able to add branding to the breathable lid, resulting in a comprehensive solution with added benefits they never anticipated.




Energy & Electrical Automation


Branding, Sealing, Inventory Control

  • 56% Material cost savings
  • 2x Improved Branding Flexibility
  • 2x Performance Increase
  • “IDENTCO's response time, technical data and consultative approach was exceptional, making it easy to transition to IDENTCO as a new supplier.”

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