Reliability & Performance Testing

We provide our customers the most cost effective, fit-for-purpose durable label constructions. Our suite of testing capabilities provides a platform of objective evaluation methods that simulate the challenges a label may face.

Reliability Tests

Accelerate the aging process of the product, predict its lifecycle and analyze modes of failure.

Functionality Analysis

These tests are used to analyze the functionality and breakdown phases of a label in various environmental conditions.

Extreme environmental conditions

Conditions include UV and chemical exposure, variations in temperature and humidity, salt spray, and wet environments.


Product ID solution eliminates internal scrap and stops end-user recalls

Our Challenge

A leading supplier of seat heating systems to the automotive industry had ongoing issues with identification labels failing to adhere to their products’ surfaces throughout the production process. They received multiple complaints of label failures from their automotive OEM customers that began to threaten valuable relationships and their global reputation.

Our Solution

After initial tests, it became clear that existing materials capable of providing sufficiently high peel strength and adhesion were cost prohibitive, so IDENTCO’s R&D team collaborated with the customer to develop a new cost-effective solution. The new material was tested in our in-house Reliability & Performance Testing lab against GM’s Global Performance Requirements for Labels protocol (GMW14573). The label/ribbon combo solution passed all tests, demonstrating optimal results for High Peel Strength and Adhesion, Abrasion Resistance, Humidity Resistance, Fluid Resistance (including detergents and ethanol used as a cleaning solution), Heat Resistance and Temperature Cycle Resistance. This low-cost alternative for internal/WIP labeling applications is now the primary label material for this customer, representing 93% of their total label usage.


Automotive Suppliers


Wiring Harnesses


Tracking & Traceability, Product Identification

  • 8 Months of Functional Testing and Pilot Runs
  • 20% Productivity Improvement Over Initial Estimates
  • 0 Quality Complaints or Customer Recalls
  • “IDENTCO's product identification experience was instrumental to delivering this permament corrective action, and their flexibility, response time and continued support sets the standard.”

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