Compliance & Regulatory

Global Compliance

REACH form to add part numbers: Declaration of Conformity to EU REACH
Halogen Compliance
CFC Compliance
Conflict Minerals Policy
No Russian Sources
RoHS3 Compliance Directive 2011/65/(EU) as amended by (EU)2015/863
TSCA Compliance

International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) Quality and Environmental Management Certificates

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Certifications

  • Identco International Corporation
    • PGAA.LP3352 Authorized Label Suppliers Program
    • PGDQ2. MH16225 Marking and Labeling Systems, Component - Pre-Printed
    • PGDQ8.MH16225 Marking and Labeling Systems Certified for Canada, Component - Pre-Printed
    • PGIS2.MH61778 Marking and Labeling Systems, Limited Use – Component (UL 50E)
    • PGJI2.MH16873 Printing Materials, Component - Variable Printing
    • PGJI8.MH16873 Printing Materials Certified for Canada, Component
    • TEOU2.E188017 Repackaged Recognized Components
  • Identco de Mexico
    • PGAA.LP4077 Authorized Label Suppliers Program

CSA Group Product Listings

  • 7921-04 Adhesive-Type Labels – Pre-Printed
  • 7923-01 Adhesive-Type Labels – Variable Printing