Global Consistency

Consistency is critical to your identity and is the foundation of everything we do. Our focus on standardization assures our customers that our products look and perform identically – regardless of where they are manufactured.


People are our most valuable resource. Our training and communications standards ensure that everyone is engaged and empowered to deliver the very best for our customers — no matter where they are located.


Our global quality management system ensures that every step of the manufacturing process is optimized to consistently deliver on the commitments we make to our customers.


Our standardized global raw materials supply base ensures consistency no matter where your product is manufactured.

Color Management & Brand Protection

Consistency is critical to your identity – and it’s a critical part of our process. We protect your brand by upholding the same high color management and material construction standards across each of our production facilities.

Anti-counterfeiting & Authentication

Our proprietary overt and covert security label solutions protect your brand – and your customers – from counterfeiting, fraud, diversion, and product tampering. Our experts will partner with you to define the threats, understand your objectives, and recommend custom, cost-effective solutions.


Supplier consolidation lowers costs and boosts productivity

Our Challenge

A global energy management company was working with more than 125 label suppliers across its North American operations. As part of a corporate-wide vendor consolidation effort, the North American commodity manager was tasked with consolidating all label needs – including custom printed products (CPP), thermal-transfer printed products (TTP), ribbons and printers – among just 2 or 3 suppliers. With thousands of parts and PPAPs across 26 plants, it was a daunting challenge to say the least.

Our Solution

Working at the corporate level and with individual locations, IDENTCO collected samples and conducted a competitive advantage assessment to identify opportunities for savings and consolidation. IDENTCO was awarded a Master Supply Agreement thanks in large part to our singular focus on industrial labels and a global footprint that aligns with the customer’s North American presence. With guaranteed consistency of operations between our facilities in the U.S. and Mexico and a range of technologies – including flexographic, digital and screenprinting – we are able to accommodate a wide variety of label types and applications. The agreement mandates a 5% reduction in product costs. Thus far, IDENTCO has delivered savings of 8-10%. At one location, IDENTCO became sole supplier for labels that had previously come from five different sources, resulting in savings of $14,000. A year into the agreement, IDENTCO has converted 12 facilities and replaced 25 legacy suppliers, improving productivity and reducing the administrative burden of managing multiple vendors.




Energy & Electrical Automation


Branding, Warning, Rating Labels, Tracking & Instructional

  • 8-10% Reduction in Product Costs
  • $3,500 Savings For Each Supplier Eliminated
  • “This was a huge undertaking for us. IDENTCO was able to prove, through cost savings and productivity improvements, that it will be well worth it for us in the end.”

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