Label Management Solutions

We approach our customers’ challenges with a clear understanding of their industry and pain points. Our singular focus on durable labels has allowed us to develop and refine our processes over the past 30 years.

Establishing specifications standards

We identify performance requirements, control and manage color as well as verify and proof content. Additionally, we manage your label compliance requirements (UL, cUL, CSA, RoHS).

Inventory management solutions

Balancing MOQs, production quantity and lowering total cost are all components of our inventory management solutions. We adhere to and follow strict label storage and handling standards.

Optimizing print-on-demand applications

We manage a comprehensive version control process which may include printer sourcing, technical support, and label consolidation.


Deep dive into label usage and processes leads to reductions in manufacturing costs and material waste

Our Challenge

A large multinational technology and manufacturing company was struggling with label parts shortages that resulted in lost productivity and diverted staff to meet production demands. With long lead times from five different suppliers and no stocking agreements, production employees were spending upwards of 10-15 hours a month on work-around solutions when inventory ran out.

Our Solution

Utilizing IDENTCO’s proven I-VAL process, a team of Application Engineers conducted an on-site analysis and reviewed data from the customer to make recommendations designed to eliminate waste, improve processes, ensure quality and agency compliance, standardize materials, dies and label constructions, and improve inventory management. In a two-phase implementation process, IDENTCO was able to consolidate production of 180 different parts into 30 production groups and migrate from pre-printed to thermal transfer blank shells produced in 15 sizes and printed on demand. A stocking agreement that calls for 4 press runs a year effectively eliminated stockouts and significantly reduced resource drain. All of this resulted in Year 1 label cost savings of 10%, with an estimated year over year savings of 3% thereafter, a big win for the sourcing team. Additionally, the program eliminated chaos in the label program, and allowed the customer to deploy resources to value generating activities.




Energy & Electrical Automation


Product Identification

  • 10% Year 1 Label Cost Savings
  • 0 Stockouts
  • 55% Reduction in Press Runs
  • “Nobody likes labels. We don't want to have to think about it. We just want it to work.”

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