Featured: ELP-I

With its center-alignment feature, precise registration capabilities and high-resolution 600 dpi printing, the ELP-I thermal transfer printer is the industry standard for printing small 2D codes and text on miniature labels for SMT applications.

Other Peripherals

Label Rewinders

Rewinders present the perfect answer to a wide range of tasks. These Rewinders offer bidirectional functionality and come with comprehensive speed and torque management. They operate almost silently. Moreover, their motors lack gears or clutches, making them capable of being stopped indefinitely without any damage.

The ELD ™ -200 electronic label dispensers are accurate, reliable, and cost-effective productivity tools. Each automatically separates the label or die-cut solder mask from the liner and presents it for application. An adjustable sensor detects the presence of the media and queues up the next label immediately upon removal. Dispensing can also be triggered manually on the front control panel.

Label Presenters

IDENTCO offers a robust range of label feeders/presenters for integration with SMT pick & place or special machines. Automatically pick and place PPL™ labels like any other SMD component. Each model is designed and manufactured to the highest standards for a seamless, reliable interface with your SMT pick and place equipment. The IPS-30 is the slimmest label presenter on the market. At merely 30mm (1.18 in.) wide, the IPS-30 requires only one feeder position in your pick and place machine and can feed labels or Die Cut Parts as small as 2mm x 2mm. Choose the IPS-45 for applications requiring a wider variety in label size from small to large.

Print & Apply

VortexID® offers a reliable and precise labeling solution, ensuring the swift and precise application of labels. This wire marking automation system is versatile, and suitable for use with wires, cable harnesses, and cylindrical items. Its seamless integration into the manufacturing process is made even more convenient by its single-unit printing and application capability, with an additional feature to flag items as needed.

Increase speed and throughput of manual circuit board labeling with the ELP™ print and apply machine. The ELP-A unit is ideal for those situations where the label absolutely must be applied to the bare board before any other component or operation. This printer/applicator is a cost-effective solution that ensures consistency of adhesion performance and placement accuracy. The built-in printer and tamper nozzle are designed to accommodate a broad range of label sizes and shapes.

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