Features & Marketing


With the stiff competition for retail space for you products, using feature and marketing labels helps differentiate your products from the competition. Whether you want your feature and marketing information to stay on the product for its life or you want to provide the consumer the option to remove it after purchase, IDENTCO has the solution. With vibraint colors, crisp print quality and unique label materials, let us help you tell you customers what is special about your products.


We maintain an extensive UL, cUL & CSA material library, and can help you find the right solution – or customize a new solution – to meet your needs. We offer a variety of customizable label constructions, including vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene. We can also customize features of your label, including cut-outs, adhesive-free LED windows, and embossed details.


Our Product Development Lab can benchmark and optimize your label process, regardless of the size of your project. We offer price competitive solutions for both high- and low- volume labels and a broad range of label converting technologies that optimize your total cost savings.


We don’t simply supply labels; we engineer end-to-end labeling solutions that meet our customers’ needs. That often means working with your team to custom manufacture labels and identify the right printing technology for your project’s unique needs. Our project engineers can help you choose the exact components and processes to ensure your product will perform consistently, and stay within your budget.

With over 500 materials and 1,000 in-house dies available, we’re able to respond quickly to challenges and create custom, fully-functioning prototypes that meet the exact performance standards of your final product.

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