Economy Durable Label Material Portfolio

The Right Label Material Solutions for Less Challenging Label Applications

This Economy Durable Material Portfolio is a important tool in finding the right “fit for purpose” material construction for you label requirements. Having the lowest cost material possible for your specific application is how we delivery value without sacrificing the durablity and performance.

IDENTCO’s Economy Durable Label Material Portfolio has been developed to offer the lowest cost label solutions while maintaining the necessary level of performance and durability. This portfolio includes lower cost adhesives and face stocks that offer dependable solutions while delivering significant cost reductions.


  • Very cost effective permanent adhesive formulations
  • Lower cost face stock options appropriate for applications in less harsh environments
  • Same chemical and abrasion resistance as our High Performance, and General Purpose Durable Portfolios


  • Suitable for both custom and print on demand printing technologies
  • Portfolio includes economical papers. polypropylenes, polyesters, polyimides and vinyls


Our expert Application Engineers will evaluate your specific label applications to determine the best “fit for purpose” label material construction that will deliver the lowest possible cost of ownership.


In addition to our extensive Economy Durable Material Portfolio, IDENTCO has a world class Product Development Team that can work with our customers to develop the right solutions for their specific label application. We also offer our highly capable Product Development Lab to benchmark your current labels against our recommended solutions to demonstrate how our lower total cost of ownership solution meets or exceeds the durability and performance of your current labels.

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