High Performance Durable Label Material Portfolio

Critical, Durable Label Applications

This portfolio of durable label materials is designed for the most critical label applications where ensuring the vital information printed on the label is available and legible for the life of your products.

IDENTCO’s High Performance Durable Label Material Portfolio is designed to offer the most durable labels in the industry. Whether your label application is on difficult to adhere-to low surface energy materials, is exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, or is subject to high abrasion or aggressive chemicals, this material portfolio is the right choice.


  • For labels that need to adhere to low surface energy and highly textured application surfaces
  • Designed for labels that are applied or exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Developed for labels exposed to harsh environments, strong chemicals and extreme abrasion


  • Suitable for both custom and print on-demand printing technologies
  • High Performance Polyesters, Polyimides and Vinyl Materials


Our expert Application Engineers will evaluate your specific label applications to determine the best “fit for purpose” label material construction that will deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership.


In addition to our extensive High Performance Durable Material Portfolio, IDENTCO has a world class Product Development Team that collaborates with our customers to develop the right solution for their specific label applications. We also offer our Reliability and Performance Testing lab to benchmark your current labels against our recommended solution to demonstrate how our lower total cost of ownership solution will meet or exceed the durability and performance of your current label.

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