Technical Data Sheets

Technical Information
Standard Label Manufacturing Tolerances
Production Art File Standards
Label Materials
Polyimide PT100 1 Mil Polyimide Masking Tape
TT402 Gloss White Polyimide
TT404 Gloss White Polyimide
TT403GR Gloss Green Polyimide
TT403 Gloss White Polyimide
TT411 Matte Tan Polyimide
TT416 Economy Gloss White Polyimide
TT417 Matte White Polyimide
TT423 Gloss White Polyimide
TT433 Ultra Durable Gloss White Polyimide
TT451 Semi-Gloss White AntiStatic Polyimide
TT481 Low Profile Gloss White Polyimide
TT482 Low Profile Matte White Polyimide
TT483 Matte White Polyimide
TT552GL Gloss Yellow Polyimide
Polyester L194 Matte Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
L213(P) Chrome Polyester
L214(P) Chrome Polyester
LN112-11 Gloss White Polyester
OL1000 Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
OL1000(P) Gloss Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
OL1001(P) Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
OL5YOD Outdoor Polyester
TT700 Gloss White Polyester
TT700P Gloss White Polyester
TT701 Matte White Polyester
TT702B Gloss White Polyester with Removable Adhesive
TT703 Matte Platinum Polyester
TT704(P) Gloss White Polyester
TT710P Gloss White “VOID” Polyester
TT711 Gloss White “VOID” Polyester
TT712 Matte Silver “VOID” Polyester
TT713 Tamper Evident Checkerboard Matte Silver Polyester
TT720 Matte Clear Polyester
TT723 Gloss White Polyester
TT724 Gloss Silver Polyester
TT730 Gloss Silver Polyester
TT730P Gloss Platinum Polyester
TT732(P) Gloss Clear Polyester
TT734(P) Gloss Platinum Polyester
TT740 Matte Silver Polyester
TT748 Matte White Polyester
TT759 Gloss White Opaque Polyester
TT760 Gloss White Polyester
TT760P Gloss White Polyester
TT762 Matte Platinum Polyester
TT763 Gloss Clear Polyester
TT770 Gloss White ESD Polyester
TT791 Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
Vinyl CP3010 Calendared White Vinyl
CP3020 Calendared Clear Vinyl
CP3100 Calendared White Vinyl
TT406 Semi-Gloss White Cast Vinyl
TT407 Matte Silver Cast Vinyl
TT727 Clear Vinyl
TT733 Matte White Vinyl
Polycarbonate CP4000 Transparent Polycarbonate
CP4001 Transparent Polycarbonate
CP4002 Transparent Polycarbonate
CP4003 Transparent Polycarbonate
CP4004 Transparent Polycarbonate
CP4008 Transparent Polycarbonate
CP4012 Velvet Matte Polycarbonate
CP8005/TA1505 Composite Opaque Sub-Surface Printed Film
CP8005/TA1506 Composite Opaque Sub-Surface Printed Film
Polypropylene L316 Non-Printable Gloss Clear Polypropylene
OL1110 Matte Clear Polypropylene
TT600(P) Gloss White Polypropylene
TT601(P) Gloss White Polypropylene
TT612 Gloss White Polypropylene
TT622 Gloss White Polypropylene
TT773 Matte White Polypropylene
TT774 Kimdura Multi-Layer Polypropylene
Polyethylene TT743A Matte White Polyethylene
Paper CP1001 High Gloss White Paper
CP1002 Matte White Paper
DT605 Direct Thermal Paper
TT500 High Gloss White Paper
TT505 Semi-Gloss White Paper
TT516 Semi-gloss Clear Paper
TT726 Smooth White Paper with Removable Adhesive
TT728 White Paper
TT Papers
Standard Adhesive TA467 Clear Transfer Adhesive Tape
TA468 Clear Transfer Adhesive Tape
TA7952 Clear Transfer Adhesive Tape
TA7955 Clear Transfer Adhesive Tape
LSE Adhesive TA6004 Adhesive Transfer Tape
TA8132LE Clear Transfer Adhesive Tape
TA8153LE Adhesive Transfer Tape
TA9471 Clear Transfer Adhesive Tape

TA9472 Clear Transfer Adhesive Tape
ELP Flex Printers
ELPA2000 & ELPA4000
General Purpose Wax Ribbons TTR Series Wax Ribbons
TTR-L Wax Ribbons
Mid-Range Wax/Resin Ribbons TTRR-A Wax/Resin Ribbon
TTRR Series Ribbons
Hi-Performance Resin Ribbons TTRR Series Ribbons