PC Boards & Electronic Component Labels

TTL™ 100 Series

Engineered for use on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components, our TTL™ 100 series labels endure harsh environments such as high heat, aggressive fluxes, and caustic cleaners commonly used in the manufacturing process. Materials include polyester and polyimide, and are intended for top-side, bottom-side, or after-process identification.

TTL™ 100 series

To achieve optimal print quality, durability, and UL/CSA recognition, Our TTL™ 100 series products have been thoroughly tested and qualified to match a TTRR™ series ribbon. UL/CSA recognitions are contingent upon printing with the appropriate Identco material and TTRR™ ribbon combination specified by the Underwriters Laboratory and Canadian Standards Association.


  • Endures harsh manufacturing environments
  • Renders lifelong identification


  • Thermal transfer printable
  • Top-side, bottom-side, or after-process identification
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