Security Label Portfolio

Label Technologies that Protect Your Brand

How do you protect your brand from counterfeiting, product tampering, diversion and improper handling and exposure? IDENTCO is an experts at manufacturing labels with sophisticated security features that defend your brand and  products from the challenges they face.

IDENTCO’s Security Labels Portfolio includes a range of highly effective security features that can be incorporated into your existing labels. We work closely with our customer to design in the  right features to help them determine the authenticity of their products,  detect when products have be diverted to unauthorized markets, or exposed to improper environments and handling. This strategy helps you ensure that your customers receive the real products and they are being marketed how and where you intended.


  • We understand the threats you products and brand face.
  • We offer a layered approach to brand protection.
  • We help you evolve you security strategy to keep it effective as the challenges evolve.


  • Color Shifting Ink
  • Thermal Chromatic inks
  • UV Security Inks
  • Inks and Coating Containing Micro-Taggants
  • Variable Data Printing for Product Traceability
  • Tamper-Evident Materials
  • Secured Production Facilities
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