Self Laminating Wire & Cable Identification Labels

TTL™ 200 Series

Designed for cable and wire identification, Identco’s TTL™ 200 series also works on other surfaces requiring conformability. Our unique “site-hole” technology allows virtually any thermal transfer printer to print clear, self-laminating labels accurately with minimal waste. Download TTL™ 200 series data sheets with complete sizes and specifications.

Identco’s wire and cable labels have been thoroughly tested and qualified to match the TTRR™-A wax/resin combination ribbon. Combining the wire and cable labels with the TTRR™-A ribbon promises optimal print quality, UL recognition and lifelong product labels.

UL recognition is contingent upon printing with the appropriate Identco material and TTRR™ ribbon combination specified by the testing at Underwriters Laboratories.


  • Excellent product conformity
  • Unique “site-hole” technology
  • UL approved


  • Thermal transfer printable
  • Self-laminating vinyl film
  • Custom sizes, colors and formats
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