General Purpose Wax Ribbons


Identco ribbons are matched to our label material topcoat. The bond between the ribbon and the topcoat is critical to insure lasting legend permanence. TTR Wax Ribbons are ideal for printing on paper.


  • Legend permanence
  • Compatible with standard thermal transfer printers


  • General purpose wax
  • Coated side in / side out
Part NumberColor Width x LengthWidth x LengthCSO/CSI
TTR-1.57ZJ Black1.57" x 1476 ft40mm x 450mCSO
TTR-2.36ZJ Black2.36" x 1476 ft60mm x 450mCSO
TTR-3.15Z Black3.15" x 985 ft80mm x 300mCSO
TTR-3.26ZJ Black3.26" x 1476 ft83mm x 450mCSO
TTR-3.5F Black3.50" x 985 ft89mm x 300mCSI
TTR-3.54ZJ Black3.54" x 1476 ft89mm x 450mCSO
TTR-3.75Z Black3.75" x 985 ft95mm x 300mCSO
TTR-4.0F Black4.00" x 1182 ft102mm x 360m CSI
TTR-4.25F Black4.25" x 1182 ft108mm x 360mCSI
TTR-4.33Z Black4.33" x 985 ft 110mm x 300mCSO
TTR-4.33ZJ Black4.33" x 1476 ft110mm x 450m CSO
TTR-4.5F Black4.50" x 1182 ft114mm x 360m CSI
TTR-5.12ZJ Black5.12" x 1476 ft130mm x 450mCSO
TTR-6.0ZJ Black6.00" x 1476 ft 152mm x 450mCSO
TTR-6.5Z Black6.50" x 985 ft165mm x 300mCSO
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