IDENTCO Offers DuraWrap and DuraFlag Label Products for Wire and Cable Marking

TTL®200 Series renamed to better reflect the advantages of these print-on-demand, self-laminating wire and cable markers for heavy-duty applications


Ingleside, IL IDENTCOa manufacturer of high-performance labeling solutions for the power equipment, electronics, transportation, and general industrial sectors – has renamed its stock TTL®200 Series. Now called DuraWrap and DuraFlag, the high-performance set of print-on-demand labels provides a convenient way to mark wires, cables, and wire harnesses.


Suitable for a variety of wires and cables, DuraWrap labels are self-laminating cable and harness products combining the functionality of traditional wire label wrapping with the convenience of fully automated self-laminating technology. The exceptionally durable clear wrap-around area reliably withstands chemicals and scratches, ensuring markers remain both affixed and legible.


Meanwhile, self-laminating DuraFlag labels allow for easy and explicit flagging of wires and wire harnesses. This provides a simple way to identify and organize wires, even in harsh conditions such as high temperatures, moisture, and chemical exposure.


The recently redesigned series offers the opaquest white print-on area in the industry, ensuring the legend remains clearly legible when marking, even on the deepest black insulation.


A nod to production simplicity, three site holes make the series compatible with any common thermal transfer printer, regardless of sensor location. A perforated liner between each row of labels allows for easy kitting and distribution to individual harness boards or panels. Horizontal, one-across configurations offer even more flexibility for kitting and waste reduction.


Comprised of supple, conformable vinyl material and high-performance acrylic adhesive, the series is available in over 40 sizes and can be used post-termination.


DuraWrap and DuraFlag labels can cover AWG sizes 10 through 4/0 and IEC 60228 (mm2) sizes 6 through 625, from four to 40 conductors wide.