IDENTCO DuraTrack Stock Label Series Ideal for Circuit Board Assembly

DuraTrack, the label series for printed circuit boards and electronic componentsLegacy TTL®100 Series renamed to better reflect the track & trace-promoting advantages of these high-performance PCB labels.

Ingleside, IL IDENTCO – a manufacturer of high-performance labeling solutions for the power equipment, electronics, transportation, and general industrial sectors – has renamed its popular stock TTL®100 Series. Now called DuraTrack, the label series for printed circuit boards and electronic components provides printed circuit assemblies with comprehensive traceability – an increasingly attractive internal quality control and supply chain transparency feature for brand owners producing high-leverage electronics.

Engineered for use in surface mount technology and throughout the entire assembly process, DuraTrack thermal transfer printable labels can endure harsh fluxes, the latest cleaning chemistries, and high temperatures encountered in today’s circuit board assembly processes on both sides of the board.

The DuraTrack Series of labels is ideally suited to a wide array of electronics components manufacturing environments, including box builds, internal and external vehicle parts (such as in-cabin infotainment systems and outside sensors), and various other computer unit and PCB assembly settings.

Available in 61 sizes, in both high-performance polyimide and polyester, this off-the-shelf product is available for immediate delivery. The DuraTrack Series can also be customized for those customer applications that require an exact fit.

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IDENTCO is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-performance labeling solutions for several demanding industries, including automotive components, electronics applications, industrial machinery & tools, and commercial transportation. The company specializes in exactingly engineered labels, ribbons, applicators and printers for product tracking & tracing, branding, compliance, and identification.

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